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Customer Engagement

Bring your customers back with customized product recommendation emails, targeted to each customer based on their purchase history and shopping patterns. Read more »


Integrate shipping, accounting, CRM and other systems with your e-commerce store or business operations systems. Read more »

Custom Software Development

We use industry-leading Agile and SCRUM development methodologies to plan and incrementally deliver value at every step along the way. This ensures that our projects are delivered on schedule and budget, and evolve with your needs. Read more »


Case Study: Keshi: The Zuni Connection

Keshi (kay-SHE) is the traditional greeting of the Zuni Pueblo people who live in beautiful western New Mexico. Keshi: The Zuni Connection was established in 1981 as a co-op for Zuni arts and crafts, and has always maintained personal relationships with individual carvers, jewelers and potters. They host one of the largest selections of Zuni fetishes in the world both in their physical store in Santa Fe, NM, and online at

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Case Study: Stone Forest

Stone Forest has crafted award winning designes for the bath, kitchen and garden, sculpted from stone, bronze, copper, iron, bamboo and wood. Stone Forest was founded by Michael Zimber in 1989. Michael’s relationship with stone and water began in his early 20s when he worked as a climbing and river guide. Fascinated with the beauty of the rock cliffs he was scaling, he began sculpting blocks of stone in his spare time. After "living the life” as a guide for 10 years, his mother told him to get a real job. Mike figured she was probably right and started thinking about how he could take what he loved about being in the wilderness and somehow bring it into people’s homes and gardens. Stone Forest was born.

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