Customer Engagement

Reengage Your Customers - Let them know what other products they might be interested in.

Integrations Available for:

Shopify   Magento

Contact us for other integrations or for custom development.

CartCurator has several user-to-product matching modes available:

  1. Customer-driven Mode: Let your customers subscribe to notifications based on search terms they have used on your site. (Ideal for art galleries and stores that sell unique items)
  2. Predictive Mode: Analyze the purchase history of all your store's customers, and send notifications when other customers buy things that another customer might be interested in. (Ideal for normal e-commerce stores)
  3. New Item Mode: Notify your customers whenever you post new items to you store. (Ideal for niche stores.)
  4. Custom Match Mode: Work with CartCurator to build the ideal customer match logic for your site. (Ideal for stores with special requirements.)

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